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Everybody has the Potential to be a Great Communicator

At Fluency Group, we know that effective communication is the bedrock of all successful relationships and a critical component of a well-functioning workplace. We provide training solutions to companies looking to elevate their employees’ communication skills across a variety of different situations, cultures, and job requirements. We take an innovative approach to workplace learning, which allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of personal service and value in the shortest amount of time .

Our training isn’t simply about skill development—we solve problems facing workplaces across the globe. The skills we teach are universal and backed by the latest scientific research on learning. Fluency Group is a team of lifelong educators, technology experts and industry specialists who apply their decades of experience to creating products that not only improve performance and elevate companies performance , but also create a world of better global communicators.

Knowing how to talk is a great power. Just by speaking you can do many things. You can teach, you can transform a situation, you can move someone from one idea to the next .

Our Story

Fluency Group was founded by a team of industry experts in corporate training, sales, communication, and information science. We have a passion for innovation and problem solving.

We love to learn, teach, and  have a deep curiosity about language and how to successfully  communicate.

Collectively we have studied Spanish, French, Swedish, Italian, Japanese, German, and Vietnamese, C++, Java, and Latin. We have lived in 15 countries, traveled to 33, and been on all 7 continents. Planning a trip? Someone on our team has probably been there and would be happy to share some tips.

From our years of work in corporate training, assessment science, and technology development we have learned that the best way to achieve success is through best practices driven development, and implementation.

We ensure each project has clear and measurable objectives that enable us to deliver impactful and observable outcomes. We have worked on a wide range of corporate and government projects in industries such as transportation, banking, consulting, food and beverage.

Our  most challenging and rewarding project to date was working on the creation of TSA.

Fluency Group was awarded one of the highly competitive contracts to assist with the development of TSA after 9/11. The goal was to create a world-class workforce that would meet the highest standards of safety, security, and professionalism as set out by Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta. Fluency Group was responsible for  conducting the evaluation of a critical skills qualification—English language proficiency. This was an important factor because the ability to communicate with passengers—the majority of whom speak English—was vital in enabling TSA employees to evaluate potential security issues.

We deployed to 429 airport locations as part of the team that implemented the largest federal government hiring, since World War II. Fluency Group enabled the TSA to successfully complete their aggressive personnel assessment program on time, putting  security screeners in place at checkpoints in airports across the United States in less than nine months.

We love a challenge, big or small.  Our team is committed to making your projects a success.

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