Assess and
Certify Skills

Effective Workplace Assessment That is Easy to Use

A Powerful Interactive Assessment Tool

How It Works

  • Fluency Speak’s expert team helps design and deploy assessment to support the organization’s training goals.
  • Users go on the platform and complete their assessments in a familiar environment.
  • Results are evaluated and returned to the users. The users now have a certified result available to demonstrate their skills and proficiencies.
  • Reporting is available to all stakeholders to improve training and increase Return on Investment(‘ROI’).

Why It Works

  • Measures specific, real-world skills.
  • Tracks users’ skill acquisition.
  • Creates assessment milestones and performance capabilities.
  • Aligns customized tests to specific job functions, roles, and proficiency standards.
  • Measures improvement in skills.
  • Use with any industry including: banking, call centers, and cybersecurity.

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