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The best managers are those who help their teams succeed

Knowledge, skill, and experience matter, but the #1 predictor of a team’s success is how they communicate with each other. Effective managers have the communication skills to provide actionable feedback, coaching, and create an environment of respect & consideration.

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Develop Leaders into Authentic Communicators

Successful leadership requires, trust-building interactions between management and their teams. Give managers a rapid way to become more skilled communicators.
Virtual Coaching Maximizes Improvement
  • Employees feel supported and encouraged by their managers when they receive positive feedback.
  • Expert advice quickly identifies areas of mastery and opportunities for improvement.
  • Mangers can increase employee engagement and job satisfaction with regular guidance.
Career-Boosting Skill Development
  • Improves persuasive storytelling skills; now a fundamental job requirement.
  • Shows progress with each practice version.
  • Improves ability to give feedback and coach employees.
Practice Anytime, Anywhere
  • Record, review, and refine communication until you are confident in your delivery.
  • See progress with each version recorded.
  • Receive valuable coaching and feedback from mentors or HR.
Measure Results
  • See how training directly impacts metrics that matter.
  • Identify future training needs.
  • Gain insight for program adoption and engagement.
  • Link to KPI’s.
Communication is the most important skill any leader can possess. We certainly relied on it to drive the success of the Virgin story.
Sir Richard Branson, Founder, The Virgin Group


More than 50% of senior leaders believe that their talent development efforts don't adequately build critical skills and organizational capabilities.

The Future of Leadership Development, HBR, March 2019

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